Events 2009

May 2009 – New partnership with Spain formed.

Spanisch lernen


Estudio Español is pleased to announce the recent formation of a partnership with Dominika Hirsch. The Barcelona-based consulting firm manages and advises mainly German and Polish companies, businessmen/women and managers who want to settle in Spain. Their services include major business areas such as support for the planning and implementation of start-ups, market entry, the analysis of potential, marketing, market research and due diligence, amongst others. 

The founder Dominika Hirsch was born in Poland and studied cultural studies at the University of Barcelona before studying law at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). Besides Polish, she speaks Spanish, Catalan, German and English. 

“My experience as a lawyer in Barcelona showed me that most of the difficulties in establishing European companies in Spain have an intercultural root. He who is familiar with the intercultural background can take that into account in the early stages of planning, avoid surprises later on and exploit potential profitable synergies,” explains Ms. Hirsch during an informal dinner. 

Through the new partnership, Estudio Español offers clients expert advice and coaching on business and cultural factors on location in Spain. 


March 2009 – Richard Lewis Communications

International Cross Culture Meeting

Mid-March 2009 found a meeting of intercultural experts from the whole world in Riversdown House in the English county of Hampshire. During mild weather, we exchanged thoughts on current issues in Cross Cultural Management. 

The idyllic grounds surround a historic, 14th century manor house, which has been since 1971 the site of Richard D. Lewis' Centre for Cross Cultural Expertise.

The author of  “When Culture Collides” is a world-wide renowned thinker in the field of intercultural management and intercultural communication. Together with Michael Gates and Jacques Meon, he advises companies from all over the world, such as ABB, Allianz, Banco de España, Banque de France, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Fiat, Gillettte, IBM, Kraft, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nokia, Saab, SAP, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Sanyo, amongst others. 

Today the former tutor of  Princess Michiko of Japan is a consultant to the World Bank of Intercultural Affairs. 



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