Diversity Learning Institute

Diversity Learning Institute is an associated partner of Estudio Español.

Diversity Learning Institute-DLI Germany was founded in 2012 in the city of Hamburg in Germany. The initial purpose of its founding was to offer German language in underdeveloped countries where a lot of migrants showed interest to visit Germany for various interests, which includes tourism, business, further studies, marriages, and other reasons.

Later on DLI Germany climbed up another ladder by introducing other programs such as the Education Exchange Program (EEP), Study in Germany Affordably (SiGA), Professional English for You (PEfY) for Germans and Germany companies, and more.

In 2015 we opened another department called Get Your Way (GYW) – a refugees project which teaches German and intercultural training to refugees. We also offer a lot of consultancies to them which include studying and working in Germany, integration issues, etc. Currently, we have added more programs which include A Levels, Associate degrees and Undergraduate programs.

With time we have attracted a number of partners within Germany and other countries such as England, the USA, Ukraine, Zambia and Ghana.

All the above achievements and implementations have been facilitated by men and women from different backgrounds and nationalities based in Germany.



Evans Lukomona, Principal and Anuja



A-Levels head and caretaker



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