B2/ C1

Intensive Course I

- Monday to Thursday from 06:30pm to 08:45pm
- 3 hours daily
- Course length: 8 weeks
- 48 hours/ month
- Price: 228€

Intensive Course II

- Mornings: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am to 12:15 pm
- Afternoons: Tuesday and
Thursday from 02:00pm to 04:15 pm
- Evenings: Tuesday and
Thursday from 06:30pm to 08:45 pm
- 3 hours daily
- Course length 4 months
- 24 hours/month
- Price 135€ 

Minimum 4 participants and maximum, 12. Our classes are always small, so that you can speak a lot and learn quickly. A taster with the normal class is possible and free. 

We have no holidays or pauses during the courses. It is possible to do the B1 test after six months. 

Brandenburger Tor



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