Advanced C1/C2

C1. This level is a total of 100 hours and consists of two 50 hour modules. 

C1.1 – Lessons 1 – 6 of the textbook.
C1.2 – Lessons 7 – 12 of the textbook. 

Textbook: Prisma C1, Hueber Verlag, ISBN 84-95986-77-9. The book contents can be found here.

At the end of this level, the students should be able to express complex facts in a clear, well-structured and detailed manner; to effectively use his/her knowledge of the language in professional and social life and to have a rich vocabulary. 

C2 – Congratulations! You did it! 

If you have finished C1, then you speak Spanish almost as well as a native speaker! All you need to do now is some fine-tuning. 

At the end of this level, the student can spontaneously, fluently and precisely express him/herself, even in complex situations, and his/her oral and written use of the language is easily understood.

Course starting negotiable. 


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona



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