Advanced & Subsidiary Levels

Advanced Levels (A-Levels) Special, Special!!

This university is based in England. We offer modern Boarding Facilities to all our DLI students pursuing our programs in Germany. All inside the tuition fees of €8,000 per semester. We have, too, qualified cooks for all international dishes.
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Very Important: Before you enroll onto our A-Level programs, you have to let us know your future bachelor degree to be pursued in Germany, so that we advise you on the A-level subject combinations to take.

Advantages of Studying A-Levels At DLI in Germany

1. Your studies will be in one of the most developed countries in the world.
2. Your studies will give you direct access to your future German university. Through our Educational Exchange Program (EEP), this means that during your studies with DLI we will be able to give you regular university tours and get firsthand information about your future university in Germany.
3. Our students will be connected to various students´ jobs in Germany.
4. You will be permanently under our guidance throughout your studies at DLI and even as you crossover to another university here in Germany or any other country. All this will be done through your membership of our Educational Exchange Program (EEP).
5. During your studies with DLI we will regularly invite various university departmental managers to come to our campus and talk careers programs with you.
6. Through the same system in (6) we will invite various company managers to come and update you about their jobs and other areas of interest.
7. Unlike in other developed countries where they ask to sponsor yourself throughout your studies, in Germany you are allowed to work and finance yourself with basic needs.
8. The over 380 German universities are state sponsored, regardless of your country of origin. Normally you pay lesser fees between 70 to 500€ per semester.
9. Germany is one of the most secure countries to study in. You can move around at mid-night or beyond without meeting with criminals. It is an amazing country!!
10. Did you know what? Most universities give special scholarships to the best performing students recognized between the 1st and 2nd semesters. These students get a salary of over €1000.00 per month, non-refundable!
11. You will learn German language which may help you in future should you wish to work in Germany.
12. Meanwhile, you can easily achieve all the above by ONLY pursuing your University Foundations (A/AS Levels  & UFCs) at DLI in Germany which offers all these programs in English language. Elsewhere in other German institutes/university colleges the preparatory or foundations are done in German language which requires you to be in possession of B2-C1 German certificates. These B2-C1 take at least 1.5 years to attain, then pursue your university foundations! This will imply spending almost 3 years to accomplish your mission to attain your A level!! With the DLI programs you only need 1 or 1.5 years to complete your syllabus, and thereafter apply for university in Germany or any other country of your choice.

‘’Come and succeed easily with the full guidance of DLI Germany!’’


Warum Cambridge Englisch?

Cambridge English ist ein einzigartiges Konzept zum Lehren und Lernen der englischen Sprache und zur Bewertung von Englischkenntnissen. Dabei wird die Erfahrung und Fachkompetenz von Cambridge English Language Assessment und Cambridge University Press miteinander verbunden.

Unsere Prüfungen ebnen den Weg zum Universitätsstudium, verbessern die Karrierechancen und erhöhen die Auswahlmöglichkeiten bei der Studienplatz- oder Arbeitssuche, denn 20.000 Universitäten, Arbeitgeber und Regierungen weltweit erkennen Cambridge English Prüfungen an.

Viele Cambridge English Prüfungen werden auch für Visa- und Studienzwecke in Großbritannien, Australien, den USA und Kanada anerkannt. IELTS, ein Test, der von Cambridge English entwickelt wurde, kann auch für Visa- und Auswanderungsanträge nach Großbritannien verwendet werden.



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