A Warm Welcome to Estudio Español!

Your international language institute in Hamburg-Harburg

Here you can learn to speak, think and live languages!

Outside our own country, we are all foreigners, but if we learn the language and experience the culture of other countries there is nothing to stop us from making new friends anywhere. Whether it be at work or at home, you can quickly win the hearts and minds of people by showing an interest in their culture.

Learn your dream language, or improve one you have already learnt with the help of excellent teachers and staff.

Language, culture and mentality all form part of the experience which you will enjoy with us in the relaxed and helpful environment of Estudio Español, your international language institute.

Ernesto Martin and the Estudio Español Team

Neue Integrationskurse Deutsch

Vormittags - 09.30 bis 13.30 Uhr

A1.1 - Kursanfang: 08.06.2015
A1.2 - Kursanfang: 13.07.2015
A2.1 - Kursanfang: 22.06.2015
A2.2 - Kursanfang: 27.07.2015
B1.1 - Kursanfang: 31.08.2015
B1.2 -
Kursanfang: 05.10.2015

Nachmittags - 14.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

A1.1 -
Kursanfang: 03.08.2015
A1.2 -
Kursanfang: 07.09.2015
A2.1 - Kursanfang: 05.10.2015
A2.2 - Kursanfang: 02.11.2015
B1.1 - Kursanfang: 07.12.2015
B1.2 - Kursanfang: 25.01.2016

Abends - 18.30 bis 20.45 Uhr
A1.1 - Kursanfang: 06.07.2015
A1.2 - Kursanfang: 07.09.2015
A2.1 - Kursanfang: 15.06.2015
A2.2 - Kursanfang: 17.08.2015
B1.1 - Kursanfang: 19.10.2015
B1.2 - Kursanfang: 04.01.2016

Small groups! Max. 16 students
Few places free!


Intensive Courses during school vacations 2014

Download the list with the courses here



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