Bernhard Werdier

Between 1976 – 81, I studied General Linguistics and Translation and Interpretation at the University of Saarbrücken, the Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain, and the University of Bath, Bath. Then I was the guest lecturer for German and culture at the foreign language department of the Universidad de Concepción in Chile and a teacher of foreign languages at the Goethe centre between 1982 and 1988. The focus of my academic work was the training of translators, German teachers and primary, secondary and nursery school teachers. Then I also tutored at, and cooperated  with, other Chilean universities, in particular La Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile.  

I also worked part-time as a Spanish/ English translator for a number of renowned Chilean companies in the area of mining, fisheries/ marine biology and forestry.

After our return to Germany in the summer of 1988 (my wife is Chilean), I worked from the end of 1988 until the closure of the institute at the end of December 2006 as a Spanish and English translator for the Latin America Dresdner Bank AG, formerly the German-South American bank AG Hamburg. At the same time, I was also a Spanish and English translator in the areas of banking and stock exchange. 

Then I worked as a translator, interpretor and language teacher on a freelance basis before I decided to become more involved in the further education sector. Additionally, I wanted to prove my practically native level of Spanish through another qualification in Professional Interpretation.

With this aim, I got an additional qualification as a certified foreign language teacher (GLC/ AZWV) in 2010 and from August 2010 to March 2012, I worked as a Spanish teacher at the Association for Professional Development in Hamburg. 

In 2011, I took my job as a Spanish lecturer at the University of Hamburg with Prof. Driesen, teaching the course “Translation and Interpretation at Courts and Authorities,” as in December 2011, I received my qualification as a legal translator and interpretor in Spanish.  

On the 25th November 2011, I was sworn in in front of the Hamburg Interior Authority as a translator and interpretor for the Spanish language. 

In June 2012, I additionally qualified from the Hanse-College EBA Exzellenz-Berufsakademie GmbH after an intensive training course as a “lecturer in further and adult education HC.” 

I have always seen my work as that of a linguistic bridge builder, that enables the people entrusted to me to get the best possible way to quickly integrate into the German living and working world, or to quickly  and confidently adapt to the realities of life in foreign countries, especially Latin or Anglo countries. 

I have always worked with enthusiasm, whether it be as a lecturer, a professional translator, a language teacher or as an interpreter, and I still work with this same enthusiasm today. I want my relevant teaching experience to continue being accessible to those interested, be they adolescents, young adults, or the wide circle of people interested in adult and further education.

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