Nadezda Rozko

After my studies at the State University of Kaliningrad – formerly Königsberg – I was employed in the area of intercultural relations for a long time as a translator and interpretor for German/ Russia in Latvia, Lithuania and Azerbaijan.
During this time, I worked for the Chamber of Commerce for the City of Riga, and for various other different businesses and concerns, such as Orgsintes, Teltow-Werk, Zolotilov, EHT-Engineering and BioDeposit and the Research Institute VEF.
My long career has granted me a great understanding of the field of psychology of human relations and intercultural communications.
I came to Germany in 2011, and since then, I have worked as an approved teacher for an integration course. My experience in many lands, my accumulated business knowledge and my willingness help me a lot with this job.

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Ernesto Martín is a licensed Intercultural teacher and partner of Richard Lewis Communications.



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