Ernesto Martín

My fascination for languages and culture

Tenerife is my homeland! There I studied law, and then later in Madrid, foreign trade. In the middle of the 80s, my work took me to England, where I lived for over 6 years. In London I worked as a lecturer at the Hammersmith and West London College. There I witness the problems encountered in multicultural teams, sparking my interest in intercultural matters and intercultural competence. 

I have taught Business Spanish and Spanish for lawyers in both state and private universities in Germany since 1993, such as the Bucerius Law school and the FH Westküste. For almost 16 years, I taught specialised Spanish at the FH Nordakemie, where I also taught in the field of Intercultural Management and lectured for the MBA-programmes. Since 2006, I have worked at the FH Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) in Hamburg. 

In 2008, I founded Estudio Español and now make my managerial and business knowledge available across Europe. Estudio Español “expatriates” are supported by workshops and seminars, before, during and after postings in Spanish speaking countries.  The offer of counselling and individual and team coaching at market entry and preparation of advertising campaigns, negotiation, team building and conflict resolution has been praised by major companies. 

I have been working with internet-based learning for a long time now. With the development of information technology, computer-based learning environments are improving. After many years of practise and experiments with these systems, I finally decided to use “Moodle.” Since then, my enthusiasm for the possibilities of this learning platform is still growing. 

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Ernesto Martín is a licensed Intercultural teacher and partner of Richard Lewis Communications.



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