Events 2011

All around the world: A new partnership is formed.

Spanisch lernen


Estudio Español is pleased to announced its new partnership with the consulting company, All around the world. The founder, Susanne Doser, lived and worked for many years in Belgium and gained further experience in the USA and in Mexico, before coming to Munich in 1995. 

Ms. Doser (Master of Business Administration) is also a successful author (30 Minutes to Intercultural Competence, Gabel Verlag, 2. Auflage 2007) and since August 2001, has been coaching, consulting, and leading seminars in the field of intercultural competence worldwide. 

Both her degree in psychology and her long experience in international companies have contributed to her profound knowledge of the business world. This know-how has led to her becoming a university lecturer to business students and prospective industrial engineers. She lectures in both English and German. 

Her country-specific seminars (Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA and Mexico) could help you improve your dealings, be they personal or professional, with other nationalities. 

All around the world counts among its customers renowned companies in the chemical, textile, IT, car, tourism and transport industries. 



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