Events 2012

Opening Do 14/01/12

Even the famous painter  Renato Carvalho, whose cubist and expressionist painting adorned the walls, was present. There was drinking, eating and celebrating. Luckily the S-Bahn railway was only 10 metres away so that the guests didn't have to drive home! One of the Portuguese artist's paintings was raffled. Congratulations to the winner! 

The guests learnt about our English, German, Spanish and Portuguese courses and the Flamenco show by Carola Classen didn't only inspire the adults! 

E. Martín


Mercedes Benz. Global Tech Masters Truck 2011


In the beginning of November 2011 the annual Global Tech Masters Truck contest was held in Stuttgart. Through a process of elimination in their home countries, the best 5-member teams from 12 countries qualified to participate in the final in Stuttgard. 

By the end of October, intercultural consultants from 12 countries had come together to discuss the Mercedes Benz Global Training Team from an intercultural perspective. In a friendly atmosphere, we analysed the communication in a variety of tasks and examined for culturally-specific aspects.

The event ended with an international celebration and the satisfaction of all participants was documented by photographs.  

E. Martín



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