Corporate Services

Learn to speak the languages of your customers in the world market. 

The success in foreign markets no longer depends on knowing the correct vocabulary. Now one must understand the culture of different lands and the mentalities of the people: what is correct, and what is a “no-go” area?

Estudio Español can open this door for you. We can offer individually tailored courses of all the language and cultural skills that you will need for a presence in the international market. 

Language Learning - Eight languages for the world market.

Intercultural seminars - Intercultural management and intercultural communication. 

Intercultural consultation - for talks with foreign partners or employees.

Translation service - certified translators and interpreters.


Your benefits

You will profit from our long experience and cooperation with known companies. You will find references from satisfied customers here


Our Services

All the courses and seminars can also be held directly in your office.  We are happy to offer individually tailored courses for your needs. 

Please feel free to get in contact! 




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