Satisfied customers are the best reference.

Jan Heinzelmann

Manager Controlling ZARA Deutschland GmbH (Inditex Group)

“The seminar 'Intercultural Management' has vastly improved my understanding of international business – especially in the Spanish speaking world. Now today´s international business will be better understood and managed.”

Jan Ikels

Manager Eltosch America Inc. (

“The intercultural management seminar was very well prepared, especially about the Hispanic world! In addition to that, it was also very enthusiastic about intercultural competence. In December 2008, I took over leadership of the US subsidiary and I work on expanding business in the Americas.”

Michel Duschl

Head of Airbus / z.Z in Toulouse

“My course in intercultural management with Ernesto Martín has helped me, above all in creating the correct and very important basis for intercultural understanding. Even now, almost six years later, I can fall back on the knowledge I learned there.”

Thorsten Ensinger

Export Manager Flowdrill Fließformwerkzeuge GmbH

“The course “Intercultural Management” with E. Martín is an excellent grounding for the personal part of building a relationship within international business. The focus on the Hispanic culture is useful – through the highlighting of differences other cultures can better develop later. Just as much as a world-wide distributor as privately I benefit daily from my developed communication skills.”

Lars Schütte

Marketing Manager Neonatal Care & Thermoregulation

“The experience I gained at the Intercultural Management Seminar with E. Martín helps me daily. For many years I have been in constant communication with colleagues from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In 2008, this grew to include Great Britain and the Netherlands too. A good (inter)cultural grounding can't hurt."

Björn Jönßon

Area Sales Manager Probat-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH

“Your seminar gave me a necessary perspective and helped me with my journeys to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador. I am always aware that I´m travelling in countries which have a different culture. Many people compare the conditions abroad with their own ideas and experience, but that is the wrong approach. One has to understand the culture of the customer and the specific motivations of their decisions. It´s the only way to get close to these people and perhaps later, a job.”

Hannah Heinevetter

Project leader Environment & Marketing Heinevetter & Co. GmbH

“In an interconnected world, intercultural understanding is essential for successful international understanding. The course “Intercultural Management” with Ernesto Martín is an excellent example of  how to acquire this understanding.”

Robin Wegner

Senior product manager Reisen, Tchibo GmbH

“Spanish with Ernesto Martín was my personal door-opener to the language and culture of the South American working world and tourism industry. Back in Germany, it becomes ever clearer that  the networked world and the increasing amount of travelling makes intercultural sensitivity essential – and also the mediator.”

André Pilling

General Manager Fru'Cha! GmbH & Co. KG

Tim Meyer

Manager Marketing Pressevertrieb Nord KG

Björn vom Hofe

Senior Consultant Angermann M&A International GmbH

Ralf Tolkmitt

Project Manager Export Georg Oest Mineralölwerk GmbH & Co KG

Niko Priesemuth

Manager customdrinks GmbH

Feridoun Kademi

Senior Gas Trader Vattenfall Trading Services GmbH

Alexander Klüber

Assistant Manager Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG

Martin Groth

Head of International Key Accounts Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG

Christoph Niemitz

Clinical Sales Representative INTUITIVE SURGICAL

Stefan Tobel

bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbH OTTO Group



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